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Welcome to the Web site of CIRIN, an international information network on research into conference interpreting. The network was set up in Paris in 1990. Its purpose was to facilitate the circulation of CIR information in a situation where such research was being carried out by individuals and very small groups worldwide with little contact between them. Meanwhile, the communication situation has improved dramatically, with many international meetings, many journals and wide use of the Web. Nevertheless, reactions from readers suggest that the Bulletin is still considered useful, especially in view of the fact that access to printed publications remains expensive and out of the reach of many institutions and colleagues.

CIRIN is independent, with no financial or institutional link with any academic or non-academic organization.

The main information vector of CIRIN is the Bulletin, which is published twice a year, in January and July. During the first years of its existence, it was produced on paper, and National Nodes distributed it locally. It is now fully electronic, and the role of the Nodes has become mainly symbolic. Another tool made available to the CIR community in 2021 is the CIRIN Bibliography, a working document - see the link above.

CIRIN is funded by the editor, has no other source of income and cannot subscribe to publications or purchase them. It therefore relies on the editor's and contributors' regular scrutiny of texts which become available to them.

The editorial philosophy of CIRIN can be summarized as follows:
1. Be as comprehensive as possible with respect to CIR publications, including 'grey literature'.
2. Focus on CIR (and media interpreting). The establishment of similar networks devoted to other branches of interpreting would be most welcome.
3. Be as informative as possible.

The website was initially meant to be an electronic version of the network and the Bulletin. It is also used as the editor's personal academic site - see personal pages.

The last issue of the Bulletin is posted on the site at any time. For back issues, please write to the editor at

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